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I coach IT professionals and entrepreneurs 

I coach and mentor IT professionals and entrepreneurs by assisting with change.

Paddy Woods
Executive Coach and Mentor

"I work with individuals, experienced managers, and leaders to change their technique, outlook and communication style to improve productivity."

When faced with change:

•  Do you want to develop your management and
   leadership skills?

•  Do you need assistance with a job opportunity?

•  Are you looking for guidance on a new task, like
   New Product Development?

•  Are you looking to develop your entrepreneurial

•  Do you suffer from time-management issues?

•  Are you an entrepreneur that needs a mentor?

•  Are you an entrepreneur that needs mentoring
    in management skills?


I'm Paddy Woods - The IT Coach

I coach and mentor IT professionals and entrepreneurs by assisting with change.

I work with individuals, experienced managers, and leaders to change their technique, outlook and communication style to improve productivity.

Paddy Woods

I chose to coach and mentor primarily in this sector because I have worked with IT professionals and entrepreneurs for over 30 years.

I have found that IT people in particular find it difficult to adapt their working and communication styles when they take on managerial or leadership roles.

It becomes a definite barrier to career progression.
These skills can be developed with work and my job is to assist you and nurture these skills within you.

IT prof_edited.jpg

I often hear IT people express fear about moving to the next level in their careers or taking on challenging roles, including entrepreneurial people.

They can feel isolated and may lack confidence.
They are sometimes concerned about change and unsure of their ability to do required work.

Why coaching?

Having a coach shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury or a self indulgence. Modern managers, leaders and entrepreneurs view coaching as an essential requirement for success.


With some simple tools I can help you:





Identify your potential

Anticipate problems and learn tried and tested
techniques to deal with them

Clarify career, business and personal goals and implement

Start showcasing your skills in practice

Software Programmer

I can help you:

  • Unlock common problems

  • Gain valuable new perspectives

  • Create positive change


“Paddy has been a fantastic mentor and sounding board for me from the start of my journey. Paddy has gone above and beyond for me, from sending me important articles and information to such lengths of proofreading application documents.
He has been instrumental in my development as a startup founder in terms of my strategic direction, customer discovery, target market, researching, networking and forecast modelling.
Paddy’s knowledge and honest opinion is something I admire most and has kept me on track when my focus swayed. I wouldn’t have gotten onto the Enterprise Ireland accelerator programme without his coaching and mentoring.”

 Start-Up Entrepreneur

Your journey begins here:

  • Call or schedule a call.

  • We discuss what needs to change .

  • We determine if we are suited in working with each other.

  • Arrange the first session.



  • Is it confidential?
    I can guarantee that you will have absolute confidentiality when you work with me.
  • Where can I meet you?
    I prefer not to meet you at your place of work or in a busy place like a coffee shop. I can also provide my own meeting room facilities in Dun Laoghaire or in Ballsbridge. There is also the option if necessary of a virtual meeting via Teams or Zoom.
  • Can we meet in the evening?
    Yes we can meet in the evenings outside of work hours.
  • How can you help me?
    As part of coaching, I will provide you with a safe space to discuss all career-based challenges. The focus will be on change, how to recognise what needs to change, how you will do it, and then figure out what happens once you achieve it. I will engage with you to truly understand your personal situation, looking at your career in a holistic sense. I want you to play to your strengths and key skills, but to get there we need to develop a mutual trust, demonstrated by authenticity, honesty and respect. Although we work at a comfortable pace, I promise to challenge you.
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Let's work together.

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